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VALOORES empowers decision making, helping people and businesses around the globe reach their targets. Founded in 1989 in France, the Company is a pioneer in Master Data Governance, Retail & Merchandising, Supply Chain Optimization, KYC, Regulatory Compliance, Financial Crime - AML & Fraud, Predictive Analytics and Data Science to improve their on-going operations, executions and decisions.

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Positive attitudes & behaviors
are key skills in our selection
of candidates.

  The Process
Our Recruitment & Selection Process

VALOORES’ objective is to recruit the best suited candidate to the vacant position. Our Human Resources Department invest a lot of time and effort into the recruitment and selection process in order to recruit the best! Our recruitment and selection process is not based only on academic achievements or working experience; we use a combination of assessment tests and interviews to select the best candidate for the position. During this process, you will have the opportunity to show us how you can add value to the company and how you are a great fit for our company. Depending on the requirements of every position, there may also be other requests. Applications will remain in our database and will be considered for any future vacant position if the applicant’s experience and the post qualifications are deemed a fit.

"We work hard, appreciate our people, train them well, promote on merit and provide international opportunities."


1. Entrance Test

We start our recruitment process with an entrance test to determine whether you have the personal skills required for the role. This entrance test includes psychometric test, personality test, comprehension, IQ and General Knowledge.


2. HR Interview

After reviewing the Entrance tests, our Human Resources Department selects the candidates that fit the most to the role and invite them for a first interview. This interview is to determine the personal and professional skills of the candidate and to inform him/her about VALOORES.


3. Technical & Business Interview

The short listing process involves a detailed review of experience and skills against open positions. Short listed candidates, will be invited for an interview with the Head of Department. The purpose of this interview is to measure the technical and business knowledge required by the position.


4. Job Offer

A job offer will be extended to the successful candidate that not only has the skills and abilities for the job, but to the one that demonstrates a desire and willingness to work in a professional and friendly environment.

Our Working Environment

As a company, we favor ability over experience. We take pride in our employees’ creativity and their drive to innovate. Therefore, we encourage them to ask questions, to think differently and challenge themselves. And most importantly, we make sure to provide a supportive environment where teamwork is encouraged.

Development of talents

We consider the opportunity to grow and develop skills one of the most important factors in motivating our employees. To show them how much we appreciate their efforts, we do everything we can to make sure they feel included, supported and encouraged no matter what position they are in.

Our workforce is diverse with a variety of development and training needs. Our employees are expected to be experts in their field, and we promise this level of professional expertise to our clients. With that in mind, we make sure to provide effective training for all our employees.

t2r principles

Our Values

  • We believe in what we do.

  • We listen, we care, we act.

  • We do what we say we’ll do.

  • We practice transparent and open communication.

  • We innovate and constantly improve.

  • We trust our people and their potential.

  • We take care of our clients as if they are us.

  • We provide great services that differentiate us & set us apart.

We hire the best people
and help them become better
in what they do.
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